Collection: Shaving Soap

Vegan and Non Vegan Shaving Soap Our traditional shaving soap comes in a variety of scents containing both essential oils and fragrant oils. Our soap produces a great lather and post-shave feel. There is a choice of two traditional shaving soaps including, vegan and non-vegan. The plastic tubs hold the lanolin based soaps. Most importantly, they are 100% recyclable. The tins contain the vegan soap. Ingredients We have sourced sustainable ingredients with excellent moisturising qualities. Using our shaving soap leaves your skin with a lovely post-shave feel. In our non vegan soap, importantly, the lanolin has been sourced ethically. Our shaving soap has not been tested on animals and is made in beautiful country NSW Australia. Lathering Up To get the best out of our soap it should be used with a shaving brush. First soak your brush in water, remove excess water and then load your brush from the tin until you have what resembles a paste on the tips of your brush hairs. You can then either lather on your face or in bowl. As you do add small amounts of water at a time until you have a thick lather. It will look like meringue with peaks and yet have the consistency of yoghurt as this gives superb glide and protection as you shave.