Collection: Build Your Kit

This Build Your Kit option allows you to select the items you would like to wet shave with. This includes shaving soap, brushes, balm, safety razor, blades and lathering bowls. Great gift idea for that special someone. In this Build Your Kit option you can choose your shaving soap scent and then choose between badger brushes. The post shave after balm comes in two sizes for you to choose from 50ml and 120ml. Then you have the option to choose a double edge safety razor, razor blades and lathering shave bowls. There are English, German and Italian double edge safety razors to choose from. In this Build Your Kit you must choose from the first three items which include a shaving soap, brush and balm. The rest of the items are up to you choose. You may choose as many as you like. This is an excellent way to start your wet shaving journey.