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Using the double edge safety razors can assist in a closer shave, a cheaper shave and an environmentally friendly shave. The double edge safety razors are razors that have a bar or protective device. The razor blade is positioned between the blade and the skin. As a result only a small amount of blade is exposed. Hence the purpose of the bar or device in the double edge safety razors is to protect the person shaving. As a result this was thought to reduce the level of skill required to shave. In addition there are variations in the razor head designs. These include the straight safety bar (SB), open comb or toothed (OC) bar, adjustable razors, and slant bar razors. Double edged safety razors were previously considered old school. They have become popular again in recent years. As a result there is long term cost savings, sustainability (the ability to recycle the blades) and for some, less irritating shaves.

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