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Handmade lathering shave bowls made by a local artisan potter in Central West NSW Australia. Ideal for men & women excellent gift/addition to your shave den. In addition the base of the bowl has been designed to assist your lathering with raised smooth ridges. As a result these lathering shave bowls allow you to whip up a rich, creamy lather. The best way to use a lathering bowl is to either load your brush from the container of shaving soap then take it to the lather shaving bowl. As you whip the brush in the bowl you may need to add some small amounts of water. This will increase lather production in the bowl until you get a nice, creamy lather. Alternatively you can simply add a small amount of your shaving soap in the base of the bowl. Add a few drops of warm water at a time as you whip and build your lather with a semi wet brush.

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