Collection: Razor Blades

Experienced traditional wet shavers know that Russian razor blades are some of the very best in the world. Consequently Russian blades are world renowned for their high quality and sharpness. The razor blades are used in Double Edge Safety Razors.The double-edged safety razor is a razor with a slant bar that can be used on both sides, with two open edges. The blade on the double-edged safety razor is slightly curved to allow for a smoother and cleaner shave. The razor blades can also be used in shavettes. It seems like these razors are similar in use and appearance to straight razors. Hence they use disposable blades, either standard double edged cut in half or specially made single edge. Yet these shavettes are used in the same way as straight razors and yet do not require stropping and honing. As a result the blades of disposable razors wear quickly, since useful blade life can be extended with proper care.