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The Kamisori straight razor can be traced back about 800 or so. This style of razor was initially introduced to the Japanese by Korean monks. In Japan they these straight razors to style their facial hair instead of shaving their heads. This style of razor is typically ground on both sides of the blade, however the grind on each side is usually not the same. This unequal grind on each side helps provide users with an exceptionally close and clean cut angled shave. This is especially helpful if your face has areas with thicker & coarser hair. As a result you can decide which side is the best option to cut through thicker hair & then flip it for thinner & less coarse hair. Shaving is a form of art that can be practiced to perfection with the right tools. Most users comment on its meditative properties that help quiet the mind and calm the body; both of which are extremely important when mastering the Japanese straight razor.

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