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The Stray Whisker

The Stray Whisker Brush and Razor Stand

The Stray Whisker Brush and Razor Stand

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The Stray Whisker Brush and Razor Stand

This brush and razor stand is an ideal way to store your brush and razor. The stand is made from perspex. This stand is very easy to clean. The brush and razor stand suits the bigger neck brushes as the collar is wide. However, there is an insert clip that comes with the stand. This insert once clipped on will allow the brush component of the stand to take a smaller brush handle size.

Storing your brushes upside down is the recommended way to store your brush. Storing your brush upside down allows the water to drain out with gravity helping your brush to dry between shaves. Shaving brushes should be placed in a well ventilated area in the bathroom. This will assist them dry out between shaves.

The razor component allows you to keep them together and keep them neat and tidy in the bathroom. This stand can make any brush and razor set look fabulous, as the clear perspex is unobtrusive. The perspex goes with any bathroom decor.

Shaving brush stands can assist to help prolong the life of your shaving brush by providing the opportunity to store the brush correctly so that it can dry out.

This is particularly important as where the knot (bristles) connect to the handle is the weakest point as it takes the longest too dry. If this part remains wet it can weaken the glue connecting the knot to the handle. This may cause the brush to start shedding hairs as the glue weakens. This in turn can lead to the disintegration of the knot.

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