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Edwin Jagger

Edwin Jagger Moustache Wax - Aloe Vera

Edwin Jagger Moustache Wax - Aloe Vera

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Edwin Jagger Moustache Wax Aloe Vera

This Edwin Jagger moustache wax Aloe Vera is made from all natural ingredients and great for styling your moustache. Take a small amount and rub between your fingertips to warm and soften and then apply and style your mo.

Moustache Wax is used to style and control a moustache. Never before in history have there been so many options when it comes time to choosing a trainer (the words Wax and Trainer are interchangeable). Using moustache wax is also fun and opens up a whole world of wonderful facial possibilities, plus it will keep those unruly whiskers out of your mouth too. Using a moustache wax for the first time can be confusing if not utterly daunting.

Consider three other factors when choosing your wax.

They are the quality of the ingredients, the scent of the wax, and the colour of the wax.

Applying your wax

Use wax in a tin as it will be less malleable; this wax works best above room temperature. Some waxers use a hair dryer set to low heat to blast it for a few seconds to soften the wax. Others prefer running the closed tin under the hot water tap for a minute or two.

Simply scrape off the wax with the nail of their thumb or forefinger. A shaving of wax will build up on the back of your nail. With your thumb and forefinger work the wax into a pea size ball.

Flatten the ball between your fingers and rub the wax back and forth. The wax should become warm and very workable.

Begin to work the wax into your moustache, start from the center and work your way out to the tips. Repeat this process on the other side of your stache. Now, with a comb rake the wax through the whiskers. Finally, it is time to mold and shape. Make sure your beard is completely dry. Adding wax to a damp or wet beard reduces its effectiveness.

Depending on the length of your whiskers and the style you are aiming to achieve, you may need to add some more wax. When this is done on a daily basis the whiskers will become trained.


Cera Flava (Beeswax), Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba Wax), Petrolatum (Petroleum jelly), Aloe Vera Fragrance

15ml (5.3oz)

Made in England

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