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Edwin Jagger

Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor - Pink

Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor - Pink

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Edwin Jagger Pink DE Safety Razor

The Edwin Jagger Pink DE Safety Razor has been designed for women and therefore, has a slightly longer handle. The Edwin Jagger pink DE safety razor is for women who are looking for a clean and effective traditional wet shave. The pink colour can match their style.

A longer handle on the Edwin Jagger Pink DE Safety Razor helps provide an enhanced reach when shaving those more challenging areas. There is a choice of four beautiful new pearl-effect colours. This results in a smooth shave with the colour of your choice in superb style. The DE safety razors are fitted with a precision Edwin Jagger DE blade head. This blade head is designed to assist the wet shaver.   

The blade heads are considered to be a favourite amongst experienced wet shavers.
Most noteworthy is that the closed comb head is precision engineered and finished with a high quality chrome plate. Especially relevant is that all Edwin Jagger Pink DE safety Razors are hand-assembled. In addition, they are finished in the Edwin Jagger factory in Sheffield. They come nicely presented in lovely packaging.

About DE Safety Razors
First of all, a safety razor is a razor that has a bar or protective device. Since it is positioned between the blade and the skin only a small amount of blade is exposed. The initial purpose of the bar or device was to protect the person shaving by reducing the level of skill required to shave. In addition there are variations in the razor head designs. These include the straight safety bar (SB), open comb or toothed (OC) bar, adjustable razors, and slant bar razors.

Furthermore even though they were previously considered old school, double edge razors have become popular again in recent years. As a result there is long term cost savings, sustainability (the ability to recycle the blades) and for some, less irritating shaves.

This razor comes with complimentary 5 pack of Feather Hi-Stainless blades

Total Length: 101mm
Handle Length: 93mm
Weight: 72g

Made in England

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