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Whispers From The Woods

Whispers From The Woods Safety Razor - Handcrafted Orange

Whispers From The Woods Safety Razor - Handcrafted Orange

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Whispers From The Woods Safety Razor Handcrafted Orange

Double Edge Safety Razor Creation

We are very happy to be partnering with David James to bring our customers beautiful handmade resin double edge safety razors. David individually hand pours and hand turns every double edge safety razor handle.

He starts the process using a clear resin and then mixes different pigments, dyes and powders to create each of the individual colours. David then pours and layers the resin with the colours into a mould to create the 'blank'. He then uses a lathe to turn and shape the safety razor handle. He sands the safety razor handle to a very high grit and then polishes it for a high shine. David has selected a 316ss Insert with a Yaqi head. David then glues the yaqi insert into the safety razor handle. Often shaving brush and safety razor makers purchase the blanks and then craft the safety razor handle on a lathe. David however makes the 'blank' for our safety razor handles himself.

This handcrafted double edge safety razor orange can be paired with the matching orange handcrafted shaving brush or several other of our handcrafted shaving brushes to make a beautiful handcrafted shaving set.

Safety Razor Information 

Handcrafted Double Edge Safety Razor Orange

This handcrafted double edge safety razor orange has pearl orange resin in the safety razor handle. The double edge safety razor has a 316ss insert with a yaqi head. Yaqi DE Razor Heads have been manufactured to high precision standards. The handcrafted double edge safety razor white handle size is 8.3 x 1.5cm. The total length with the yaqi head is 11.3 x 40cm. Our handcrafted double edge safety razor orange is beautifully handmade.    

Double Edged Safety Razor Information

First of all, a safety razor is a razor that has a bar or protective device. Only a small amount of the blade is exposed, as it is positioned between the blade and the skin. The initial purpose of the bar or device was to protect the person shaving by reducing the level of skill required to shave. In addition there are variations in the razor head designs. These include the straight safety bar (SB), open comb or toothed (OC) bar, adjustable razors, and slant bar razors.
Double Edged safety razors have previously been considered old school, however they have become popular again in recent years. This can result there in long term cost savings, sustainability (the ability to recycle the blades) and for a large percentage of people a less irritating shave.

Handmade in Lithgow NSW by David James for Whispers From The Woods


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