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Whispers From The Woods

Whispers From The Woods Shaving Brush - Handcrafted White Rainbow

Whispers From The Woods Shaving Brush - Handcrafted White Rainbow

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Whispers From The Woods Shaving Brush Handcrafted White Rainbow

Shaving Brush Creation

We are very happy to be partnering with David James to bring our customers beautiful handmade resin shaving brushes. David individually hand pours and hand turns every shaving brush. He starts the process using a clear resin and then mixes different pigments, dyes and powders to create each of the individual colours. David then pours and layers the resin with the colours into a mould to create the 'blank'. He then uses a lathe to turn and shape the shaving brush handle. He sands the shaving brush handle to a very high grit and then polishes it for a high shine. We select the shaving brush knots to compliment the shaving brush handle . David then glues the knot into the shaving brush handle. Often brush makers purchase the blanks and then craft the shaving brush handle on a lathe. David however makes the 'blank' for our shaving brush handles including our handcrafted shaving brush white rainbow.

Shaving Brush Information

This handcrafted shaving brush has white rainbow in the resin shaving brush handle. The shaving brush has a white rainbow coloured resin in the handcrafted resin handle. This shaving brush has a 26mm white synthetic knot. The shaving brush handle size is 68 x 40mm. Our handcrafted shaving brush white rainbow is beautifully handmade.

The Shaving Brush Knot

This handcrafted shaving brush white rainbow has a synthetic white knot. Synthetic knots are a great option as they dry faster than animal hair knots and are cruelty free. They are already soft to use and can have an impressive back bone to help with lathering up your shaving soap.

Reasons to use a Shaving Brush

The best way to apply shaving soap lather is to use a shaving brush. The action of applying the lather provides mild exfoliation of your skin improving your shave. The knot of the shaving brush should be pre-soaked in warm water until wet. Remove from water and then squeeze out any excess water. The brush is then used in a swirling manner to load the shaving soap onto the tips of the brush until a paste forms. The shaving soap is then worked into a lather by vigorously working the shaving soap with the brush. This can be done either in a bowl or on the skin adding small amounts of water until the lather is thick, has peaks and a rich yoghurt like texture (approx. 2-3mins). Once the lather is created it can then be applied to the face or other areas to be shaved.
The greatest benefit from using a shaving brush is the tendency to soften and lift facial hair before a shave. This can help to provide a close smooth shave. If you apply shaving soap by hand it can mat hair or raise it unevenly resulting in a less smooth shave. Using a shaving brush means a razor does not need to be pressed to the skin in order to provide a close shave.

Handmade in Lithgow NSW by David James for Whispers From The Woods

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