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Whispers From The Woods

Whispers From The Woods Shaving Bowl - Handmade Black

Whispers From The Woods Shaving Bowl - Handmade Black

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Whispers From The Woods Shaving Bowl Handmade Black 

This handmade black lathering bowl is made by a local artisan in Central West NSW in Australia. This handmade black lathering bowl can be used to assist making a wonderful lather. In addition the base of the bowl has been designed to assist your lathering with the addition of raised smooth ridges. This bowl has a lip to rest your brush.
As a result the lathering bowl allows you to whip up a rich, creamy lather. It's important to get the right consistency in the bowl then paint this onto the area to be shaved. The best way to use a lathering bowl for shaving soap is to either load your brush from the tin or container of shaving soap then take it to the lather shaving bowl. As you whip the brush in the bowl you may need to add some small amounts of water to increase lather production in the bowl until you get a nice, creamy lather. Alternatively you can simply add a small amount of your shaving soap in the base of the bowl and add a few drops of warm water at a time as you whip and build your lather with a semi wet brush.

Lathering Shave Bowl evolution

The lathering bowl is a somewhat recent development. People have used bowls to lather in for a long time, however lather bowls are purpose-built specifically to build shaving lather with a shaving brush. They’re usually distinguished by having a “rough” or textured inside-bottom to improve lather-making production.
The shaving soap scuttle was originally meant to keep the lather on the shave brush warm throughout the shave.  However the designs of cream scuttles were “tweaked” to promote the building of lather as well.  An off-shoot of the cream scuttle is the lathering bowl, meant specifically to generate lather with a shaving brush after it has been loaded with cream or soap.
This beautiful handmade black lathering bowl is made using a beautiful black glaze.

Made by Jude Keogh for Whispers From The Woods.

Width: 12cm
Height: 5cm
Weight: 271g

Made in NSW

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