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The Stray Whisker

The Stray Whisker Synthetic Shaving Brush - 28mm

The Stray Whisker Synthetic Shaving Brush - 28mm

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The Stray Whisker 28mm Synthetic shaving Brush

This is a Stray Whisker 28mm synthetic shaving brush and has been made using a high quality cruelty-free synthetic fibres. It has excellent flow through and lovely soft tips.This 28mm synthetic shaving brush has the perfect amount of backbone while still being feathery soft. It whips up a luxurious lather and releases it easily while retaining water well.

This 28mm synthetic shaving brush has a solid resin handle with each brush engraved with "452/28" on the base of the handle. The benefits of a resin handle can include a lesser chance of breakage and resistance to damage by moisture. It is packaged in black cardboard tube.

This 28mm synthetic shaving brush cleans easily and dries quickly. Therefore, this brush is ideal for people who travel while equally excellent for every day use. This 28mm shaving brush is great for women and guys who shave their heads.


This 28mm synthetic shaving brush can quickly create a rich lather using relatively little shaving soap. The brush is pre-soaked and then excess water is gently squeezed out. The brush is then used in a swirling manner to load the soap onto the tips of the brush until a paste forms. The soap is then worked into a lather by vigorously working the soap with the brush. This can be done either in a bowl or on the skin adding small amounts of water until the lather has peaks (approx. 2-3mins). Once the lather is created it is applied to the face or other area to be shaved. The 28mm synthetic shaving brush can be less sensitive to everyday use.


Using a shave brush on one's skin produces a mild exfoliation. The greatest benefit from using a shave brush is the tendency to soften and lift facial hair before a shave. If you apply a shaving soap by hand it can mat hair or raise it unevenly resulting in a less smooth shave. Using a shave brush means a razor does not need to be pressed to the skin in order to provide a close shave.


Fibre: Synthetic Fibre

Weight: 100g

Handle Height: 61.5mm

Loft: 63mm

Knot: 28mm (however technically these knots are more in the 28mm to 29.2mm range)

Overall Height: 125mm (approx.)

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